Random Drawing

Vector Sunflower in Red Vase

Golden Sunflower in Red Vase

Trying out some techniques in Photoshop, I’ve been in the process of figuring out a style to pursue.  Currently these are the two that I’m exploring: Vector or Chalky Digital Painting.  I decided to make simple objects before tackling a bigger, and more complicated piece.  The sunflower is a favorite of my husband’s.  The sleeping dachshund, well it’s just cute!

Planning to develop these styles so that we can create more pieces for our online wedding stationary shop! Check it out at:


Passed Out Pup

He is one passed out pup.

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Blizzcon 2010 Virtual Ticket Experience

Thanks for dropping by Digital-Crash.com’s Blog!  Full Blog to follow, some of the topics to be covered:

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

Diablo 3

Diablo 3 Demon Hunter


Diablo 3 Fifth Playable Class

Diablo 3 Fifth Playable Class Demon Hunter

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Cute Witch Design



Cute Halloween Witch


There are not enough Cute Witch images on the web!  Well we can fix that!

Our latest design for the Halloween season!  If you liked “Harry Potter”, “Wicked”, “Hocus Pocus” “Bewitched”, “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”, or “Kiki’s Delivery Service”, you’ll likely enjoy this little Halloween starlet. She’s dangerously cute and spunky, sporting her sexy witch outfit. She loves long flights across the moon and stars, and enjoy’s a hearty Witch’s Stew! Pick her up and sport her on a comfy T-shirt at our sister store here:


Skull Face Jackolantern

Digital-Crash.com Halloween-Style!

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Scott Pilgrim vs The World Review!

Don’t worry, there are no spoilers in this post.

I gotta say, Scott Pilgrim versus The World was a pretty awesome movie.  If you’re a game geek, semi-geek, or even a closet geek, you’ll probably love it.  It’s got everything that would create a raging nerdgasm: awesome special effects, epic Matrix-style combat sequences, super gamer humor, gamer references to Super Mario, Zelda, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Soul Caliber, and the like.  A majority of the movie was shot like a live action-packed comic book, with visual expletives like POW!  THWACK! and RIIIING exploding on the scene.

[As a gamer girl, I thought the character design was totally awesome.  I LOVED Roxy Richter, and did a quick sketch of my own of Roxy.]

Roxy Richter

The "Experiment"...or shall I say, the "Sexperiment"

What we liked most about Scott Pilgrim vs The World, it goes deeper than the cool visual effects and blatant gamer humor.  It is a commentary on relationships and how we all can f*** them up.  We all create “evil exes” when we leave issues unresolved.  Then we get challenged to a duel to the death by evil ex leagues, creating epic battles that break out in public…then the lesson is learned.  That’s the world that I wanna live in.

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The Digital Crash Art Team

Hello and thanks for visiting (or stumbling upon) our blog!

To kick this thing off we wanted to talk a little about what we do and our purpose for this blog. Therefore, it came into being to share our personal work as well as showcase some of our more enjoyable projects. Also, we plan to discuss upcoming events in the Entertainment, Gaming, and Mobile industries.

Chuzzle-inspired game, Sushi Shuffle.  Penguin Overload!

We are a husband & wife team who specialize in product development for the mobile platform: iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Droid, and other Android devices. We cater to independent & start up companies who require professional quality graphics with a small budget and tight deadline. We have experience as designers & artists in the mobile industry for over 3 years.

We’ve also done promotional work for events at The Art Institutes, Orange County.

If you’re interested in what we do, check out our website http://www.digital-crash.com. Got somethin’ to say? Drop us a line! We’re more than happy to reply to your comments, questions, and the like. Thanks for visiting, more to come!

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